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Why you should get windows 10

Like so many of you, I dragged my feet holding onto Windows XP and bypassed Vista altogether.  Then Microsoft pushed the issue and pretty much required upgrades to Windows 7.  At first, I held onto my old reasoning, then after migrating, found it wasn't as bad as I had imagined - and even ended up liking 7 as much or more than XP.  Add to that the security and future enhancements, and I wondered why I held onto the 13 year old dinosaur so long!

Now, don't get me wrong, I held back on Windows 10 as well as long as I thought I could, but then it became increasingly apparent that holding onto the past was only going to prolong the inevitable and maybe even cause problems.

Why and when did I switch to Windows 10 even though I loved 7 so much:

Writing on the wall - let's face it, having the newest thing isn't necessarily the best initiative - especially with technology - but being proactively ready for the future is a must for every business owner and even for home businesses and residential uses.  Microsoft gave us 13 years for XP, but just as technology advances so rapidly, those who don't keep up get left in the dust.  Windows 7 was the next best stable build and it had a nice long lifecycle as well, but by 2016, Microsoft made it evident they wanted us off 7 ... and fast.  Some say it was a marketing ploy (and they'd be right) - others said it was an invariably necessary move (and they'd be right).

Competition - Apple and even chromebooks, smartphones, etc. have given Microsoft reasons to not just 'keep up' but even try their hand again at innovation.

Security - crackers (criminal hackers) make it both a game and a lucrative enterprise to undermine our security - sometimes for thrills and oftentimes to destroy identities and lives, but almost always to find those nuggets they can sell or keep for later.  Windows 10 is legitimately more secure

Forward vision - The scuttlebutt of 'post-Windows 10' is basically 'subscription' services.  In other words, as the gaming industry has proven, between cash flow and perception, even software so fundamental as the Operating System will likely be subscription based soon.

So, why should YOU switch?  Windows 7 ends its lifecycle completely in Jan 2020 (and that was a rewrite from July 2019) and if you don't have an agreement with Microsoft ($$$), you'll either be replacing your machine entirely or paying for a 'disc' upgrade' ($$$).

Here's some GREAT NEWS, however!  Instead of paying for a service somewhere where they basically slap Windows 10 on top of your current build, keeping all the Big Brother spyware in tact and costing you more ...

We can take your Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 machine, do a full optimization, Operating System installation, removal of Big Brother spyware (Microsoft doesn't tell you this but the 'auto-upgrade' included 10+ spyware items), cleanup of startup processes, scan for malware, and a ton more value-added services ... all for about the cost of the Windows 10 installation disc!

You'll save on average about $270 AND get the peace of mind, security, and functionality you'll need to keep going forward ...

And you won't have to buy a subscription after Windows 10 until you absolutely want or need it!

It's truly a win-win-win scenario. Call or contact us today so we can get your Windows 7/8/8.1 machine upgraded

Casey A. Riley, Owner